Can I cancel a booking?

Unless specified otherwise, you can cancel a booking up to the day and time of the booking - Cancel Booking

How do I amend a booking?

The confirmation email you received when you made the booking contains the information you need to contact the venue directly, or a link, to make an amendment.

Do I need to pay in advance?

No. If you have booked online using our free service then you pay for your Afternoon Tea on the day when you visit the venue.

Why do some venues ask for credit card details?

For bookings over a specific number of people, some restaurants ask for credit card details to guarantee the booking. The restaurant may use the details to charge you a"No-Show"fee, if you fail to fulfill your reservation without having notified the restaurant in advance.

Certain venues may also charge a cancellation fee for any cancellation or in the event of a cancellation not made within the allotted period of time. If for any reason you cannot fulfill your reservation, please ensure that you cancel online, or notify the venue by telephone. You will find the venue contact details in your email confirmation.

Unless specified, your card details will NOT be used to pay for your meal, you must pay for your meal at the venue.

Are my credit card details secure?

All your information is fully encrypted using SSL and PGP technology. We do not see or hold any of your credit card details. For further information about our booking partner's credit card terms and conditions see Terms & Conditions.

What is Afternoon Tea?

Read our article 'What Is Afternoon Tea' for details.

What is High Tea?

Read our article 'What Is High Tea' for details.

Is there a service charge?

Some venues add a discretionary service charge to the final bill. We include details of service charges in the menu information when we are aware of this, but cannot accept responsibility for charges added which are not advertised on this site.

Do men have to wear a jacket and tie?

At most venues men do not have to wear a jacket and tie - please check the dress code for the specific venue. In general dress code is 'smart casual' which usually means no jeans, shorts, swimwear, trainers or sneakers.