Easter Egg Tasting

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Easter is fast approaching, so we thought we'd expertly taste some popular high-street Easter Eggs in Afternoon Tea Towers to you help decide which Easter Eggs to buy.

The Easter Eggs

Thorntons Milk Egg
Cadbury's Daily Milk Easter with Oreo 
Nestle's Easter Egg with Quality Street
Green and Black's Organic Milk Egg


Easter Egg Tasting1


Easter Egg A

Craig "It's very smooth"
Keith (the boss) "It tastes like chocolate"
Greg "I think I know this one, It brings back nostalgic memories"
Vicky "It's very milky"

Easter Egg B

Vicky "I think this one is very high end"
Greg "This tastes more of cocoa"
Keith "This melts in the mouth easier"
Vicky "This has a thinner shell" 

Easter Egg C

Keith "This is creamier. More milky"
Greg "This is sweeter. This is more grown up" 

Easter Egg D

Craig "This is the more expensive one. It's crumblier. It's also richer"
Greg "It's glossier. It's a lot richer and bitter"
Vicky "It's darker"
Keith "It's not as sweet"
Greg "This is the one that I like the least and I think it's the most expensive, which I think says a lot about me!"


Easter Egg Tasting2


The Verdict

Which we think is the most expensive...

Greg "I think D is the most expensive, and then, in descending order, it's B C A"
Craig "D C B A"
Vicky "D B A C"

Which is our favourite...

Craig "D A B C"
Greg "C B A D"
Vicky "B A C D"
Keith "D is my favourite"

The Reveal

A - Cadbury's Daily Milk Easter with Oreo (£4). 20% cocoa.

B - Thorntons Milk Egg (£4). 30% cocoa. Costs £4

C - Nestle's Easter Egg with Quality Street (£3). 25% cocoa.

D - Green and Black's Organic Milk Egg (£6). 37% cocoa.

The Winner

Green&Blacks Egg Hunt

Our Winner is Green and Black Organic Milk Egg. The group was divided. Vicky and Greg thought it was the worst tasting, but Craig and Keith both loved it. It's high cocoa content gave it a richer flavour from the rest.

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